When Engagement Is Critical, Go Automatic

Would you like almost endless possibilities for customer engagement? A tried-and-tested solution that increases your cost savings and conversion rates while boosting your cash flow and the brand experience of your customers?

We present On-Time Mobile Communication Platform.

Robocall Bot Ukko, a World-Class Customer Service Provider

Our robocall bot Ukko helps in coalition with its human colleagues in making sure our customers have the best banking services and customer benefits available to them. It is important to us that our customers are doing well economically, and Ukko enables us to communicate topical issues and provide tips quickly and easily. One example is informing our clientele during COVID-19. With Ukko, we were able to easily communicate the best practices to our customers, for example about applying for instalment-free months for mortgages.

– JANNE HINTSALA, Nooa Säästöpankki

More Value with Each Engagement

On-Time Mobile Communication Platform is a constantly developing, sophisticated SaaS solution with ease of use and omnichannel functionalities.

With the capacity to perform 18,000 calls per hour and more than three million calls a month, our platform is almost ridiculously efficient. In addition to outperforming a human caller by a ratio of over 2,500 to one, the platform is less prone to errors and more resilient than a human.

The customer experience will be more stable and precise, and you have the potential to free up workforce for higher value tasks.

A Plethora of Uses

On-Time Mobile Communication Platform is used for example for

  • questionnaires, polls, and surveys
  • onboarding and making HR processes more efficient
  • recruitment processes
  • information, bulletins, and communications
  • payment reminders and debt collection
  • contract renewals and churn prevention
  • customer relationship management
  • booking resources and meetings.