We go beyond engagement by growing your revenue and profits

Our mobile communication platform helps you to grow Customer LifeTime Value and collect your account receivables. Our platform is the most sophisticated and easy-to-use SaaS solution available for this purpose.

World class customer service with robocalls

Our Ukko-bot helps in coalition with its human colleagues on making sure our customers have the best banking services and benefits available to them. It is important to us that our customers are doing well economically and Ukko enables us to communicate topical issues and tips to customers quickly and easily. One example is information calls made during COVID-19. With Ukko we got best practices – ia. applying for installment-free months – communicated to our customers promptly.

JANNE HINTSALA, Nooa Säästöpankki

For a monthly fee, we offer you access to a robocall platform for making automated outbound calls

Our robocall platform has the capacity to manage 18 000 calls per hour and more than 3 million calls per month – its efficiency is more than 2500x higher than that of a human. In addition to phone discussions, the platform is capable of sending SMS messages and it can be fully integrated with your existing systems.

Shall we get to know each other better?

The robocall system provides opportunities for almost all business sectors

Our platform is used for operations, such as:

  • customer relationship management and account-based marketing
  • bookings
  • payment reminders
  • information and communications
  • questionnaires, polls and surveys
  • making HR processes more efficient.