Trusted by leaders

We are privileged and humbled to have the honour to serve many industry leading companies.

Our promise

We are here for you all the way. Our promise is we are willing to do whatever it takes to meet the expectations given to us from our customers. We’ve heard that’s the reason our customers love to work with us.

Rapid communications provided by On-Time

Our automated call assistant Tuuttis helps us to keep tabs on our customers with its human counterparts. Tuuttis is amazingly fast, as it reaches out to thousands of people in just a few moments. This enables us to communicate important information to our customers as quickly as possible.


Robocall Bot Ukko, a World-Class Customer Service Provider

Our robocall bot Ukko helps in coalition with its human colleagues in making sure our customers have the best banking services and customer benefits available to them. It is important to us that our customers are doing well economically, and Ukko enables us to communicate topical issues and provide tips quickly and easily. One example is informing our clientele during COVID-19. With Ukko, we were able to easily communicate the best practices to our customers, for example about applying for instalment-free months for mortgages.

– JANNE HINTSALA, Nooa Säästöpankki

I can recommend On-Time – true professionals

Robocalls were tested for the purpose of mapping customer interest towards our services. The objective was to facilitate and increase the efficiency of sales work. I can see a lot of opportunities for automated calls in sales, as long it doesn’t replace a salesperson.


World-class customer service

Best B2B customer service I have ever had!

KIM STRÖMMAN, Dermoshop Oy

Perhaps quicker than ever before

On-Time’s survey research has been technically implemented quicker than perhaps these statistically competent studies (excluding online questionnaires of news websites) have ever been implemented before.


Pleasant and functional tool for employee surveys

I found answering and completing the employee satisfaction survey with the robocall system to be pleasant. It only took a moment to answer, and the results were available immediately.