Code of Conduct

Doing things right is a really important aspect for us. Especially when there’s a new technology involved.

Please read our Code of Conduct and you’ll understand how we think.

CEO’s foreword

Call automation is new as an industry, and it involves matters that standards of other industries cannot be directly applied to. We are strongly involved in perspectives relating to people’s privacy, personal data protection, data security and ethically appropriate activities. In connection with our operations, we also discuss issues concerning customer experience and reputation. As a pioneering company of change, we are responsible for considering these issues and the type of society we are creating for future generations.

In the field of call automation, society is yet to create comprehensive regulations. We are aware that in situations, where traditional regulations do not keep up with all of the newest phenomena, we are personally, both as individuals and as a company, responsible for developing guidelines that build a better future, and for meticulously observing such rules.

Here is a summary of our company’s guidelines and business principles, which we observe in all our operations – we call them our Code of Conduct.

We would also like to thank the Data & Marketing Association of Finland (DMA Finland) for their sparring during the drafting process of these principles. With your cooperation, we have had good opportunities to create functional practices and guidelines for our industry, which are in everyone’s interest.

Teemu Valkonen
On-Time Research Solutions Oy

“Regulations are always a short step behind in terms of developing technology, such as in the use of advanced robotics.  A responsible company can be identified by the fact that it builds ethically sustainable operating models with conditions, limit values, recommendations and other methods while closely monitoring the field of business.”

Jari Perko, ASML, CEO

1.    On-Time’s general principles

Benefits of automated calls to the value they deserve

Call automation has a lot to offer in many areas of our society, but the topic is still rather unfamiliar to most people. We want to operate as an advocate for the beneficial and appropriate purposes of call automation, by proving that when used correctly, our service offers significant advantages to both the operators that use it, and their customers.

Ethical practices as our guidelines

In the use of our service, we emphasize that ethics must be considered in every aspect of using call automation. When using a robocall system, the same rules apply as in personal contacts: communications must be customer-friendly and legal.

We wish to be involved in promoting the specification of the industry’s ethical operating model. We believe that a functional and sufficiently personalized framework of guidelines is an advantage for us, our customers and above all the customers and partners of our customers who answer the robocalls.

Sustainable development in the field of call automation

The only sensible way to ensure the utilization of benefits offered by call automation in the future too, is that industry operators are personally involved in building the operational framework for the industry. Instead of easy wins, a sustainable operating model is needed, and that is what we want to participate in building here in Finland.

We want to avoid problems which have, for example, occurred with robocall systems in the United States: the majority of calls are scams or otherwise unethical. We believe that as a small linguistic region, we have good prerequisites in Finland to effectively regulate the call automation activities and ensure that the operations have a sustainable foundation.

2.  Use of On-Time’s service

Intended uses of the service

It is important to us that our service is only used for operations that are in line with our own guidelines. To ensure this, we have defined what our automated call survey service can be used for in our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions must be accepted before the customer has the right to use the service.

Our service is exclusively intended for the implementation of automated polls and market surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and other research and stakeholder communications that take place over the phone. Our service must not be used for:

  • direct marketing, telemarketing, fundraising or political advertising (without the recipient’s express consent),
  • conveyance of political, defaming or privacy-violating, discriminating or otherwise illegal messages,
  • conveyance of messages that give an inaccurate impression of a third party,
  • conveyance of messages that cause direct or indirect to any service provider or third party, or
  • abnormal methods, which cause interruptions or interference to the service.

Requirements applicable to customers who use of the service

It is our customers’ responsibility to use the service in accordance with the Information Society Code (917/2014) or other valid legislation. In addition, the following shall be ensured when using the service:

  • the call recipients understand that it is a question of an automated poll or market survey, customer satisfaction survey, other research or stakeholder message,
  • the call recipients are clearly notified, who or which entity is behind the research or message and what the purpose of the research or message is, and
  • the call and its recordings are tested before being used in the actual research or communications.

Violation of terms and conditions

If a customer is found to be using our service in violation of the terms and conditions, it shall lead to immediate cancellation of user rights and full liability for the consequences caused by the violation to the service provider or third party.

If the violation of terms and conditions causes the service provider a liability for damage, prosecution or temporary/permanent interruption of the service, the violating customer shall be responsible in full for the damages. The service provider reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions.

3. Confidentiality of the operations

Confidentiality is a basic prerequisite for our operations

Our business operations are very data intensive, and therefore, absolute confidentiality is a basic prerequisite for our operations in all situations. We do not disclose information provided to us by our customers to any third parties.

Data security has been considered in all our operations

We have extremely detailed data protection practices in place in terms of information that is processed in a virtual environment and in the physical world. We consider all legal requirements in the processing of personal data, and processing personal data in the system we offer customer can also be carried out in accordance with legislation.

4. On-Time as an employer

People form the core of our business

Although technology is essential in the service we sell, an important aspect for us is to work with a good team. This applies to both our own employees, as well as our partners and our customers. A fair, equal and transparent atmosphere prevails at our workplace. Every one of us can, and should, share their personal opinions.

The right balance of freedom and responsibility

At On-Time we value the freedom to influence the content of our work. We also have the power to make decisions concerning the content of our work. In order to be able to use freedom and power correctly, we understand and take responsibility in achieving the company’s objectives and results.

We share a personal interest towards the industry

We feel that we have the opportunity to work in an industry that interests us outside of work too.

We share a strong interest in everything new and specifically in automation. Our aim to automate processes starts from the desire to focus on things that genuinely affect our happiness. The desire for development guides us forward – we are a team that is creating something unforeseen together.

5. Observing principles

Principles are strictly binding on both us and our customers

Since legislation is not very familiar with our industry yet, we are very meticulous about observing our morally ethical principles. With our own operations, we want to give the industry of call automation a positive reputation and ensure that the industry has a successful future.

Our duty is to tell our customer what principles they are bound by when using our service. It is the responsibility of both us and our customers to observe the rules.

In Jyväskylä, 01/11/2019