On-Time as an Employer

At On-Time, responsibility and freedom go hand in hand. We want to be a responsible employer and ensure the well-being of our employees. Working for us is genuinely fun.

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Here are 8 theses important to us

1. No pointless red tape or reporting

We are focused on results so we want to use all available energy to do our jobs and meet our targets. That’s why we don’t waste our time on pointless bureaucracy – because, as far as we’re concerned, it is neither a meaningful nor a sensible way to spend our time.

2. Excellent location

We have invested in our premises, especially with regard to location and comfort. Our Helsinki office is located next to Railway Square, at the Epicenter on Mikonkatu, and our Jyväskylä office is in Kivääritehdas. We consider quality workspaces with a relaxed atmosphere important for the general mood.

3. Flexibility

For us, work should be all about the results, not counting working hours. We’re all for working remotely but we also want to make sure that our offices are a nice place to come to.

4. Competitive salary

This is not our first rodeo so we can calculate and plan our operations in a way that enables us to pay very competitive salaries. We also want to make sure that results are rewarded accordingly.

5. Great colleagues

Workmates play a big part in making work feel meaningful. We always hire the person before the CV. And as we appreciate diversity, you can feel free to be yourself. At the moment, our team includes a world champion, a fan of extreme sports, an American football player, a dog lover and a chilli chef. Find out more about us

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On-Time as an employer

6. Digitality and new technologies

We are interested in digitality and communication, both at work and in our free time. We make sure that we are using cutting-edge tools and software to make our work as meaningful, easy and smooth as possible.

7. The balance of work and free time

Some of us have families, others are singles who love to travel. Whatever the circumstances, we want to ensure a healthy balance between work and free time – because we get how important it is.

8. Genuinely supportive atmosphere

We like to help, aid, listen and encourage. We appreciate humour and want to make sure that everyone is doing well. Learning from (and about) each other is important. We know that the only way to success is team work. This is our vision of an honest and transparent style of leadership and the yardstick against which all of our operations are measured.

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