Use cases

The robocall platform allows you to reach your customer even quicker and more comprehensively than before. While your company’s business activities become more effective in many sub-areas, your customer experience will also improve.

Sales and CRM

  • renewal of fixed-term agreements
  • activation of customers at risk of churn
  • activation of passive customers
  • enriching and supplementing customer details

Information & communication

  • crisis bulletins
  • internal bulletins

Questionnaires, polls and surveys

  • customer satisfaction surveys (e.g. NPS and CSAT)
  • internal employee surveys
  • polls
  • data collection for research

Debt collection and making the accounting cycle more effective

  • payment reminders
  • payment agreements

HR management

  • urgent staffing
  • additions to job applications and enrichment of data
  • activation of passive employee lists
  • additions to employee details

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Chief Growth Officer
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Business Development Director
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