Please provide us with your phone number and we will opt-out all our customers’ calls and SMS messages that are made via our service to your number. We only store your number for the purpose of the technical implementation of opting out, and we do not store any other information about you in connection with your number. You must confirm the opt-out with the code sent to you by SMS. The opt-out shall not enter into force before confirmation.

We shall not disclose your number to our customers. If one of our customers tries to call your number or sends an SMS via our service, the customer shall be notified about the opt-out. This opt-out only applies to On-Time’s services. The opt-out is number-specific, not person-specific. The opt-out shall be valid for six months at a time, so that any changes to the owner or holder of the phone connection can be considered. The end of the opt-out shall not be separately notified. The opt-out is free of charge.

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