The Battle Between Good and Evil

Spider-Man’s uncle gave his superhero nephew many pieces of advice. The most important guiding principle was this: with great power comes great responsibility. The same principle provides the framework for all of the Star Wars films. Do you use your power for good or evil?

It is regrettable to read in the newspapers how new technologies have been abused or even used for scams. We have understood the power of our technology from the word ‘go’.

Already at the start of our journey, we began our fight against abuse. We carefully train the robot users of our corporate customers. We also abide by the advice given to Spider-Man by his uncle. We discuss ethical issues and scrutinise the paragraphs of law as well as our own strict rules based on the customer-oriented use of call robots. We cooperate with ASML in order to teach people and companies how to correctly use the new technology.

It follows logic that something that is new needs to be learned. That’s why we want to act like a seasoned Jedi knight would. We want to share information and know-how.

On our website, we have also created a scam call report sheet for people to report suspected scams or abuse related to call robotics. As a leading SaaS service provider in the Nordic countries, we feel it is our responsibility to look after the whole market to ensure that call robotics are used appropriately. We share to the best of our ability all reported scam call attempts with the different operators for post-processing purposes.

Together, we can win the battle against the companies that have slipped to the dark side.

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