One More Question: Did You Find This Call Useful?

Together with our corporate customers, we collect information about people’s experiences about call robots. Our key quality metrics are the number of customers who felt the call was useful and minimising the call drop-off percentage. Both metrics are influenced by the manner in which the robot talks. However, always the most important thing is that the calls are worthwhile. We have been saying for years that the technology is not suitable for all applications. In some cases, the use of call robotics is not even legal. In some other applications, the conversational and problem solving skills of humans are still irreplaceable. When the application is properly designed, the majority of people will find the robot very useful.

People find robots to be excellent at customer service and conveying a message

Robots’ fortes are performing simple proactive customer service tasks, collecting data to develop services and quick communication. A large number of customers necessitates a large number of contacts, and employees simply have a limited amount of time. And so, a robot is often useful for applications for which the company does not have the necessary resources.

How quickly will your customer receive a “welcome as our customer” or “onboarding” call that will enrich their service experience? Can your company look after its customers so that they can avoid unnecessary payment reminder fees? In a crisis, how efficiently can you convey the right message to your customers straight away? Our robot is the answer to these and many other questions. When it comes to this kind of customer service robot applications, we can proudly say that our customers have been incredibly happy. These calls do not result in complaints; they result in satisfied customers. Correctly planned, the calls will help a customer who is receiving the call or calling the inbound number.
Used for appropriate purposes, a robot will benefit the customer and, as a result of this, ensure exceptionally good results for the company.

Anonymised examples of our call robot’s results:

78.1% reachability = Automated calls can reach a large number of customers very efficiently.

75% complete answers for connected calls = A properly designed service robot is nice to talk to.

68.7% felt the call was useful = The call robot calls when there is good reason for it.

40% requested additional information by SMS = A powerful tool for the different stages of the service path.

0.013% negative feedback for debt collection calls = The low complaint percentage is an indication of how nice it is for end users to deal with the robot.

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