On-Time Joins the #puhuoikein Campaign

“As a company, good communication is close to our heart. We were very happy to promote an important issue,” says Mikko Kohonen.

Anti-bullying and ethical campaigns to improve equality are important issues. “Don’t be a bully” campaigns are very well-known from traditional sports. E-sports is the most popular leisure-time activity amongst young people. In e-sports, everyone plays as an individual and often using a handle, so anti-bullying is a key issue in terms of online behaviour.

The campaign motivates young people to speak correctly and to set an example in how to communicate. “Learn it young and you’ll know it when you’re old,” says the old Finnish adage, in this case very aptly. The campaign was started by the e-Sports centre Victory Point from Jyväskylä. For On-Time, the issue is literally important as we want to promote ethical values at work and in leisure time.

The campaign message was supported by sports clubs and top athletes from Jyväskylä who understand the importance of speaking. Good communication helps with development, ensures better results and promotes all activities.

Helping to create a positive snowball effect were the world champions of floorball, Peter Kotilainen and Mikko Kohonen, the floorball league player Jalo Kouvonen as well as Helmiina Stark who plays for O2-Jyväskylä in the women’s floorball league. The Finnish ice hockey league SM-liiga was represented by defender Alex Lindroos. Women’s Finnish baseball league Superpesis was represented by Kirittäret’s Venla Karttunen and Pesäkarhut’s Susanne Ojaniemi. Women’s football was represented by JyPK’s Tiina Tiainen and Sara Taavitsainen. And, last but not least, there was goalkeeper Ari Ahonen who has made a long career in ice hockey playing in the NHL, KHL and SHL. We asked the athletes to take part in a short educational video clip.