On-Time Is Growing Rapidly – Backed by a Successful Round of Financing

The Finnish call robotics pioneer On-Time Research Solutions Oy’s round of financing resulted in over EUR 500,000 of new capital for growth.

It involves some of the company’s key players, several successful business persons, such as FIBAN – Finnish Business Angel of the Year 2019 Ali Omar and Vesa Lehtinen, who started as the chairman of the company’s Board of Directors and who has in the last 25 years been involved in 7 exits as a founder as well as serial entrepreneur, investor and technological influencer Lennu Keinänen, the founder of Paytrail Oyj, and public financiers including Business Finland and Finnvera.

Stronger backrest for a period of accelerated growth

The completed round of financing was On-Time’s first. Until now, financing has been acquired through internal financing, from the founders and their other businesses. “With this round of financing, we were primarily looking for top-level professionals and know-how to help our business prepare for a period of faster growth,” says Teemu Valkonen, CEO, On-Time Research Solutions Oy. The goal is to use the capital to increase sales, build a network of partners, prepare to go global, improve product development and increase know-how through recruitment.

“We have already managed to put together a top team, and we mean to continue on the same course. Rapid growth requires a high level of know-how. We will continue to increase our know-how in our Finnish operations and product development as well as in our preparations to go global,” says Valkonen.

Call robotics has incredible potential – as long as you keep your feet on the ground and sustainability in mind

On-Time was established in 2013 but its operations did not find a new direction until 2018 when an investment and development company headed by Valkonen got involved to reimagine the company’s operations. After a one-year operational development stage, the company has been growing at an incredible rate since the start of 2019. Its customer portfolio already includes several companies operating in Finland and globally, including Lähitapiola, Intrum, Lumon, Ferratum, IF and Säästöpankki.

On-Time offers as a cloud service a multi-channel communications platform that also enables automated outgoing calls. Typical applications of the platform include customer and member surveys, customer care and receivables management tasks as well as communication.

“Looking at customership life cycles, we have identified 32 concrete applications where any organisation that considers itself customer-oriented should include automated calls as a customer contact channel,” says Valkonen.

“It goes without saying that we have our loyal customers, who put their trust in us, to thank for the positive growth of our business. We have developed our service primarily with an eye on their needs and preferences. We have also engaged in many fruitful discussions on how to build the operating models of the industry on an ethically sustainable foundation and how to keep discovering new call robotics applications that bring genuine added value to the end customers.”


Teemu Valkonen, CEO, On-Time
+358 44 058 4330