How Can You Create a Good Customer Experience with an Automated Service?

Automation improves the efficiency of businesses and creates benefits for customers. A poorly managed automation experiment raises unnecessary questions. Automation has brought fantastic results in proactive customer service, the improvement of payment transactions and many other applications.

You can find successful automation solutions by focusing on your customer’s needs. By understanding our customers we become aware of the importance of trust. What kind of impression does the reliability of service make on the customer?

We should also consider realistically how the customer will really benefit from the automated service. We must have the courage to be honest to ourselves as well as our customers. What do we do? Why do we do it? How does the customer benefit?

Once we have found crystal clear answers to these questions and some smart contrarian has played the Devil’s Advocate with our plans without dashing all the benefits, the application is ready.


This time, I’m quoting a slightly less-known hero called Sfinski: “If you fail in your planning, you’re planning for failure “.


Let’s plan together a way for you to successfully implement call automation with your customers.

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