Experiences About Call Robots in Finland

Recently, call robotics have featured heavily in the media. We have put together a collection of articles from the last few months to give you an idea of how people feel about robocalls and what their experiences of them are.

Kuhmoinen the first municipality to test robocalls

Robotti soittaa kuhmoislaisille – Kuhmoisten sanomat (In Finnish)

The municipality of Kuhmoinen called its adult population in the voice of the municipal manager, Anne Heusala. The purpose of the call was to find out how the residents were and whether they required any services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

City of Loviisa made a robocall to young people

Loviisa selvittää 1300 nuoren asukkaansa nuorten kuulumisia ensi viikon aikana – Uusimaa (In Finnish)

Ohjaamo Loviisa is a project realised through funding from the European Social Fund. Coordinated by Ohjaamo, the City of Loviisa conducted a survey to find out how its young residents were coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Riihimäki used robocalls to discover the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

Riihimäen kaupunginjohtajan ääntä lainaava robotti tavoitteli 10 000 kaupunkilaista – YLE (In Finnish)

In May, the City of Riihimäki launched a robocall trial that will last at least until the end of the year. The goal is to conduct at least 8 different rounds of robocalls during 2020. The objective of the trial is to identify methods to promote new ways of engaging people and to improve the Finnish decision-making system’s ability to reinvent itself.

During the first round, the city mapped issues related to the status, management and effects of the COVID-19 crisis, which can then be utilised in the further development of the city’s own operations.

Compared to similar phone surveys, the number of residents with whom contact was made and who completed the survey is higher than average.

Sitra involved in the funding and coordination of robocall trials

Robottipuheluista on saatu kolmessa kunnassa oppeja, tuloksia ja kiitosta – SITRA (In Finnish)

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has financed and coordinated robocall trials conducted in collaboration with the above-mentioned municipalities. The goal of the projects is to discover new ways of identifying the municipality’s residents’ service needs and to effectively allocate aid.

According to the municipality of Kuhmoinen, the feedback regarding the calls and the reactions to them has been extremely positive.

City of Nokia reaching out to residents aged 70+

Robotti soittaa yli 70-vuotiaille nokialaisille – Tamperelainen (In Finnish)

The City of Nokia was reaching out to its residents aged 70+ using a call robot. The purpose of the call was to ask how the residents were and explain to them where and how they can find assistance, if necessary.


For our part, we want to make sure that robotic calls bring genuine added value to the person at the other end of the line as well. We want the robot to only make calls that we ourselves would like to receive. This is something we feel very strongly about. That’s why we wrote our own article about it: What is a call robot suitable for – or not?

And that’s the reason we have been transparent about the principles of our operations on our website and why we work in close cooperation with ASML, the Data & Marketing Association of Finland. In the spring, we talked to Jari Perko, CEO, Data & Marketing Association of Finland, about call robotics. You can watch the interview here.

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