Robocalls and Artificial Intelligence to Increase the Level of Automation

Ai4Value and On-Time as partners

New solutions are constantly sought for Robotic Process Automation, and research into the opportunities robotics and AI offer is carried out in many companies.

SMEs find it particularly difficult to find suitable service providers for both sub areas, so Ai4Value and On-Time Research Solutions have decided to operate in close cooperation, wherein both parties represent each other’s solutions to customers in the spirit of platform economy. Robocalls are becoming more common, and calls are used to obtain valuable anonymous data that is analyzed by Artificial Intelligence.

Ai4Value implements AI solutions on the basis of algorithms that have been developed for 15 years, and also develops global algorithm solutions. The AI utilization of companies is made significantly faster on the basis of use-case algorithms, introduction is accelerated by 50-70%. Ai4Value has a network of more than 150 AI developers worldwide, as well as partners in all Nordic countries, Estonia, Great Britain and Spain. The network is actively being expanded.

On-Time offers robocall systems, and it has developed a multi-channel DIY communications platform, which operates as a cloud service that also enables outbound calls. On-Time’s platform is the only monthly fee-based SaaS service in Finland that enables the creation of robocall systems without coding expertise.

We personally tried it out first before getting involved in commercial cooperation, and we were very satisfied in the result. Robocalls can be used for many different purposes, and On-Time’s solutions cannot be compared to the traditional understanding of customer service robots or sales robots. The approach is personal, and it can be customized. I can imagine several uses for the solution, and we are also developing joint product development projects.

Katriina Valli, CEO, Ai4Value

We are very excited to have the opportunity to be the only Finnish operator to offer a DIY SaaS communications platform that also enables the creation of robocall systems. On the basis of user experiences and results, we know that the sensible and appropriate use of robocall systems works in e.g.: account-based marketing, survey research, payment reminders and bookings. It is also rather obvious that the cost-effectiveness of a robocall system in all of the above-mentioned applications is in a class of its own.

Teemu Valkonen, CEO, On-Time


  • Our robocall system has the capacity to manage 18 000 calls per hour and more than 3 million calls per month
  • Its efficiency is more than 2500x higher than that of a human.
  • In addition to phone discussions, the platform is capable of sending SMS messages and it can be fully integrated with your existing systems

Contact information

Ai4Value, CEO, Katriina Valli
+358 50 50 15 403

On-Time, CEO, Teemu Valkonen
+358 44 058 4330